Another Update! Have a Sample of My Upcoming Novel!

Hello Everyone!

Time is just flying by as my editor and I are doing a last read through of my novel, Black Halo: the Witch & the Guardian to prepare for its release.

I thought it might be good idea to start a KickStarter to generate a little more funding for marketing to better ensure the project’s success.

As part of my KickStarter, I created a sample of the novel to giveaway and I thought to share it with you all as well!

Click [HERE] for the sample! It’s in PDF format so I hope it’ll be accessible to anyone who wants to read it. Hope you all enjoy it and please feel free to share any comments, complaints, and questions you may have!

My KickStarter should start next week and I’m crossing fingers that it’ll be a success though I am fully prepared that it could be a failure as well.

But it’d be nice if it’s a success though right?

Yeah. That’d be nice.

See y’all soon with the next entry: “How to Find Motivations From Nothing

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