The Revisions

Back when the book was first released in 2014, the editor and I knew that there was a possibility the editing wasn’t complete.

This was mostly due to my fault given how rough the draft was at the time and also due to an unfortunate technological mishap with the documents where some of the edits we made stayed and some did not. We worked extremely hard for very long hours to catch all the mishaps and at the end of the day I made the call to release it. In some sense, it was an irresponsible thing to do as a writer but at the time it was the choice I had to make.

But I have been yearning to be able to go back over the manuscript ever since release. It irritated me immensely that I knew my work wasn’t even at a point where I could accept it for what it was.

That’s why I felt incredibly fortunate to find an editor who was willing to go through the manuscript with us one more time.

There were three key critical issues with the initial release edition of Black Halo: the Witch & the Guardian

  1. Part One – Pacing felt a bit slow and clunky. I couldn’t think of a great way to address this issue for a little while due to the nature of Part One and the role it served for the novel
  2. Grammar errors.
  3. Head hopping issues.

What Kelly, the new editor, did for us wasn’t simply help us address all those issues but also help us improve the overall quality of the manuscript by also recommending certain additions to add proper emotional oomph and recommending certain deductions to maintain the integrity of the pacing and the intended tone of the certain sections.

For example:

In Part One, we deleted the original Chapter 1  and instead added a bit of juxtaposition segments to the Prologue.

The Chapter 1, though I still like it for the tone it set, dragged on the exposition a bit too much and was in many ways unnecessary.

With that and all the other revisions made, I’m at least at a point with Black Halo: the Witch & the Guardian that I can let it go for a little while now.

To move on to new projects and new directions in life. But I’ll address more of that later.

Thank you to those of you who’ve supported me this far. I hope all of you will enjoy the new edition of Black Halo: the Witch & the Guardian.


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